How Old Do You Have to Be to Vape?

What is the legal age to smoke with an electronic cigarette?

The law prohibits the sale of vaping products and electronic cigarettes to minors under the age of 18. You must therefore legally have the majority to be able to vape with an electronic cigarette.

Whether with or without nicotine, vaping products are prohibited for sale to persons under the age of 18. If you are wondering at what age you can start vaping with an e-cigarette without nicotine, then you know that you have to wait until you are 18.

E-cigarette shops are required to ask you for an identity document capable of confirming your age before selling you products intended for vaping.

At what age can you vape with an electronic cigarette? What are the laws and rules governing the use of the vape? Discover all the legal information on electronic cigarette regulations in France and around the world.

Legal age for vaping: the electronic cigarette is prohibited for those under 18

Minors cannot legally buy an electronic cigarette, e-liquids or any other vaping product in a store or online. The shops are legally prohibited from selling these products to them and must systematically ask the young person for identity papers so that he can prove his majority.

Why ban vaping for people under 18? French legislation restricts the conditions of access to vaping for the youngest, firstly for reasons of prevention and health.

The free access electronic cigarette could make young non-smokers want to start smoking. In general, whether you are an adult or a minor, it is not advisable to start vaping if you do not smoke tobacco cigarettes.

The e-cigarette helps smokers to quit smoking and accompanies them during their smoking cessation. However, if the uninformed minor starts vaping and imitates the smoker in the process of quitting smoking who vapes e-liquids with nicotine, he can take the opposite path and trigger an addiction to tobacco and nicotine.

The law therefore regulates the sale and marketing of vaping products so as not to encourage minors to start vaping for no apparent reason (such as wanting to quit smoking). Article L3513-5 of the Public Health Code legislates the sale of vaping products.

Content of the law: “It is prohibited to sell or offer vaping products free of charge, in tobacco shops and all businesses or public places, to minors under the age of eighteen. The person who delivers one of these products requires the customer to establish proof of his majority. 

I am under 18 and I want to quit smoking, what should I do?

The electronic cigarette is advantageous for smokers who wish to quit smoking. Thanks to the e-liquid which allows you to gradually reduce the dosage of inhaled nicotine, but also thanks to the operation of the vapot which imitates the cigarette while avoiding the consumption of harmful chemicals, smoking cessation is personalized and more effective.

As proof of the success of the vaporette in quitting smoking, in 2017, 700,000 smokers declared to Le Figaro that they had succeeded in quitting smoking thanks to the electronic cigarette. In 2018, 48% of smokers said that vaping played an important role in their smoking cessation.

So what to do when you are a young person under 18, you are a smoker and you want to quit smoking? How to wean yourself from tobacco when the electronic cigarette is prohibited for sale?

Know that you will not be able to buy an electronic cigarette if you are under 18, even if you are a smoker. Our advice is to turn to health professionals, such as your general practitioner or a tobacco specialist, to help you find another way to successfully quit smoking.

Other nicotine substitutes exist and can put an end to your addiction to tobacco. These are lozenges, patches, sprays or even chewing gum. You can find them over the counter in pharmacies.

I am over 18, can I buy an electronic cigarette?

If you are of age and over 18, you can absolutely buy an electronic cigarette. You are of legal age to smoke with an e-cigarette.

In this case, our advice is to go to a store (physical or online) specializing in the sale of electronic cigarettes and vaping products. Consult the list of our 24 Neovapo stores located across France.

Expert vaping shops select the best vaping products and materials for you, but also offer you significant personalized advice when you are new to vaping.

And by choosing Neovapo, you make the choice of top of the range at a reasonable price as well as the vape of French e-liquids that we manufacture ourselves, according to your opinions and your preferences.

If you are totally new to vaping, start by doing the test that we offer on the site (“I am starting” section at the top left) to find the ideal vape according to your smoking profile.

Find out which electronic cigarette for beginners to choose and how to use it. We advise you to browse our blog which contains tips and tricks to start vaping and learn how to maintain your vaper.

I am not a smoker, can I still vape?

It is not advisable for non-smokers to start vaping and in particular vaping e-liquids with nicotine. The risk of nicotine is to trigger an addiction. This is how it works in smokers when they smoke their cigarette.

The consumption of nicotine, which remains a toxic molecule, leads to an overproduction of dopamine in the brain and which, in the long term, causes addiction. Nicotine is naturally present in tobacco.

In the vape, it is extracted and integrated into e-liquid bottles. The use of nicotine in the electronic cigarette has two purposes:

1.succeed in quitting smoking: you replace the act of smoking with that of vaping and you do not feel any craving or lack thanks to the nicotine in your e liquid that you continue to consume;

2.succeed in weaning yourself from tobacco: you gradually reduce the dose of nicotine present in your e-liquids in order to get rid of this substance at your own pace and with the aim of completely weaning yourself from tobacco.

The electronic cigarette is not a drug, remember, but a nicotine substitute. Its primary purpose is to help you quit smoking cigarettes. So if you don’t smoke, you’ve never touched a cigarette in your life, why bother to start?

What does a trader risk if he sells (or offers) vape products to a minor?

Whether you are a merchant or an adult, you may not sell or offer vaping products to minors. The risk is to pay a fourth class fine stipulated by article R 3515-6 of the Public Health Code.

The fourth class fine amounts to 135 euros and must be paid within 45 days. It can be increased up to 750 euros in the case of an appearance before a judge.

At what age can an electronic cigarette be smoked without nicotine?

All products directly or indirectly related to vaping are prohibited for sale to minors. You can therefore smoke an electronic cigarette without nicotine from the age of 18.

You might very well get annoyed and grumble, “but it’s safe, it’s nicotine-free,” but the law is the law and the state seeks to protect all underage people. Remember also that the electronic cigarette is still quite recent on the European market.

While most studies tend to prove that vaping is better than tobacco and is notably better for the health of smokers, there is still little research. Institutions as well as the government are still cautious about electronic cigarettes without nicotine, and we can understand it.

If you have the desire to quit smoking, that’s fine, we can only encourage you to try, and in this case go see your doctor or go to a pharmacy. And if no nicotine substitute works, wait for your majority to try the vaporette.

What are the regulations to know about the electronic cigarette?

The electronic cigarette as well as vaping products such as e liquids are very regulated by French and European law. It is in particular the TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) which legislates their manufacture, distribution and sale in the member territories of the European Union.

French e-cigarette regulations follow the TPD directives. Among the legal controls of the vaporette in France and in the DOM-TOM, you find:

1.the ban on vaping in public places;

2.the prohibition on selling or offering vaping products to minors;

3.the ban on direct or indirect advertising of vaping products;

4.the obligation for e-liquid producers to declare all the components present in the vaping liquid;

5.the ban on selling vials of nicotine e-liquid with a capacity greater than 10 ml;

6.the prohibition to exceed the maximum threshold of 20 mg/ml of nicotine per e-liquid;

the obligation to integrate child safety on bottles of liquids for electronic cigarettes.

All these measures aim to regulate the use of the vaper, to protect the most fragile and the youngest, but also to delimit the rules of the vape in the public space.

Is the vaping material checked?

All the elements of the vape are checked, from the modbox battery to the components of your e-liquid vial. And that’s good, because it ensures your safety, but also the quality of what you vape.

This is why we recommend that you buy electronic cigarettes and e-liquids from professional vapers.

In France, the regulations on vaping equipment must guarantee the safety of your vaper. The battery must be checked, meet the standards in force and be secure, in particular to avoid the risk of explosion or burns.

The maximum wattage of an e-cigarette battery or accumulator cannot exceed 250 watts.

What are the regulations on e-liquids?

Electronic cigarette liquids are carefully checked so that you can vape with peace of mind. The purchase of French e-liquids promises you to vape a healthy vapor, composed of excellent ingredients.

At Neovapo, we have opted for simplicity. We create e-liquids made in France (by our experts, in a laboratory based in Poitiers) which consist only of the strict necessary ingredients: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, aroma and nicotine.

No water or alcohol that could irritate your throat. You only have the best. In addition, we manufacture our e-liquids always taking your opinions into account.

All our vaping juices comply with the standards and laws in force on the manufacture of e-liquids. We declare all the e liquids that we sell. All pass a toxicological test to ensure 100% that the liquid is not dangerous for the vaper.

These are e-liquid professionals who manufacture your juices to vape. We base ourselves on your preferences and your opinions to create new flavors, always richer in taste. Have the choice among more than 450 flavors of liquids for French electronic cigarette on our catalog.

There is something for every taste !

To sum up: at what age to buy an electronic cigarette?

You can buy an electronic cigarette from the age of 18 only and in France. If you are a minor, businesses that market vapers cannot legally sell them to you, under penalty of receiving a fine. It is legal and even required that they verify your age.

The legal age allowed to buy an electronic cigarette is often 18 years old. It may be 21 in some countries, such as the United States. Check the laws in force in the country you want to visit so you don’t end up with a bad surprise on arrival.

The TPD governs the regulation of electronic cigarettes and vaping products. It legislates the manufacture of e-liquids, their conservation and their sale on the European market.

Read the article “What are the regulations on electronic cigarettes? » to find out more about what is authorized and what is not on the vape.

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